• Perfect Vodka 40% 70cl

    Perfect Vodka 40% 70cl

    In 1864, Auguste Peureux decided to codify the age-old traditions of the master distillers of the Saône Vosges in order to preserve them. In the region of Fougerolles, France he created the "Grandes Distilleries Peureux". However, his famous knack remains a jealously guarded secret, passed down in the company from master distiller to master distiller.

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    History of Perfect Vodka

    The distilled spirits are the fruit of distilling fermented sweet vegetable matter. In the 13th century, the alchemist Arnaud de Villeneuve explained: "Permanent water prolongs life, which is why it deserves to be called 'eau-de-vie' (water of life)". "Aqua vitae" in Latin, "Aguardiente" in Spanish, "uisge beatha" in Gaelic (deformed into "whisky"), "wodka" ("little water ") in Polish, and "vodka" in Russian, eau-de-vie in French.

    The first alcoholic "elixirs" were developed from the end of the Middle Ages in the monasteries of Europe. Originally the aim was to preserve in alcohol the medicinal plants gathered by the monks. Heirs to the Arab scholars and the alchemists of the Middle Ages, the monks extended their work and improved the methods of distillation. Soon they were making all sorts of liqueurs and eaux-de-vie with healing properties from wine, plants, fruit and soon grain.

    From the 15th century onwards, the trade in eau-de-vie saw considerable growth under the impetus of the merchants, who gradually took over from the monks and doctors. Very well known, the eaux-de-vie of the Kingdom of France were exported to all of Europe as far as Russia and Poland, where they were particularly appreciated.


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