• Versinthe 45 % 10cl

    Versinthe 45 % 10cl

    Versinthe is a unique drink, combining the freshness of two wormwoods, and gently softening their bitterness with infusions and alcoholates of more than twenty different plants and roots.


    Versinthe es una bebida única, que combina la frescura de dos wormwoods, y con suavidad suavizar su amargura con infusiones y alcoholatos de más de veinte plantas y raíces.

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    How to drink Versinthe ?

    Versinthe is cut with water (six to ten times the amount of Versinthe). Purists prefer to drink it straight for its refreshing, slightly bitter taste. But Versinthe can also be slightly sweetened, as Absinthe used to be, and this makes a sweeter drink with a fuller taste. To sweeten Versinthe, use the Versinthe spoon (or an Absinthe spoon if you have one). After pouring 2 to 3 cl of Versinthe into a glass, place the spoon on the glass. Put half a sugar cube on the spoon and gently and carefully pour a thin stream of cold water on to it so that it slowly dissolves: this will draw out the rich flavours. Then use the spoon to mix the drink. Your Versinthe is ready.

    Other ways of drinking Versinthe: 

    Versinthe is also a very fine plant liqueur and so can be served straight as a digestive liquor, either alone or on ice. Versinthe can also be used in cooking, whenever anise is called for.

    Versinthe Cocktail (see other recipes on the recipe page)
    Baudelaire is prepared using a traditional Margaretta recipe, with Versinthe replacing the tequila.

    - 1 lemon juice
    - 1 measure Versinthe

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