• Irish Velvet  20% 50cl

    Irish Velvet 20% 50cl

    Irish Velvet is the perfect base for Irish Coffee. Irish Velvet Concentrate is one of the basic ingredients needed: so fresh. strong coffee. Irish whiskey and sugar. With Irish Velvet therefore you can turn in seconds Irish Coffee on the table. 

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    The preparation is simple: a dash of Irish Velvet in the glass. hot water there and the glass half filled with cream or beaten (even easier) spray cream. Irish Velvet would. under the original meaning of the name of its ingredients. be described as a powerful living water. Coffee is derived from Kaweeh. Arabic for power. And whiskey is derived from the Celtic. what water means life. Irish Coffee is best when you drink it over the cream. without the cream into the coffee and whiskey stirring. Irish Velvet contains 20% alcohol. One bottle is good for twelve Irish Coffee glass.

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