• Francois Guy 1 L 45% Alc.

    Francois Guy 1 L 45% Alc.

    Absinthe is made of brandy and a recipy of herbs.. On of these herbs is wormwood (absintheplant). This plant contains the halucinogenic element THUYONE. The maximum amount THUYONE autorized was and is still 35 mg per liter.


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    Effects of the Real Absinthe.

    One glass is generally enough for the effects. Real Absinthe is very mellow. Gives lucid experiences and bizarre, colourfull and fairy-like dreams. But also, as orriginally being a medicinal drink, a relaxed sleep and refreshed wake up.

    The way to prepare Real Absinthe;

    - a third of Absinthe in the glass

    - a sugerlumb on the Absinthe spoon, placed on top of the Absinthe glass

    - slowly pouring cold water over the sugarlumb till it is desolved and you will see the Absinthe turning milkywhite.

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